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Functional bowel disease

Also known as irritable bowel syndrome , functional bowel disorders , inflammatory bowel spasms ... The chronic gastrointestinal disorders recurring .
In Vietnam , 30-40 % of patients to see a specialist colitis gastrointestinal spasms . The percentage of women infected 4 times higher than male . People who are susceptible to nerve function disorder ( autonomic ) , depression , phobias or psychological stress ... The disease is not dangerous to life but a nuisance , affecting the quality of the life .
The main manifestations of the disease are abdominal pain and digestive disorders , appear particularly vulnerable to stress , or eating erratically .

The assay for parasites , blood tests were normal . Colonoscopy did not show physical injury ( inflammation , ulcers , tumors ... ) . XQ can find colon contractions place , space widening .

Diseases of the colon function nangla neurological disease related to psychological factors are important . Patients should understand this disease is not dangerous , do not progress to ulcers or cancer . Should adapt to living conditions , diet , exercise ( abdominal breathing , belly rub ) .


To date, the pathogenic mechanisms of colon nangtheo western officials are still unclear . The ability to cure in Western medicine is very difficult , the treatment cost is expensive but the results are limited .
In this case , the dominant traditional medicines absolute . Agree that the cause is due to the low thermal aggregates , can spleen disharmony , the communication becomes stagnant . Pi weaken and damage the spleen and kidney yang .

Elite colon is the product meets the criteria for treatment according to the cause of the disease with clear heat detoxification mechanism of low - only system . No. of units of Pi - Operating profit gas only . Chemical Works blood stasis - information of the abuse. Wen spleen and kidney tonic - just describe the wax . So effective immediately noticed from the first day you use colon Elite
Teacher Dinh Thi Thu
Where's the teacher couple in the first Dinh Thi Thu Hoang Hoa Tham , Hung Yen , Quang Ninh , Tel : 01,686,155,239 make glow as you tell us about the treatment of their disease colitis . More than a dozen years now , she has been sick colitis drug to treat several types of pharmacies that do not help , can cause weakness , abdominal pain , gastrointestinal disorders , affecting much of her teaching job . Her husband is also suffering from the disease equally , more men that just have too much abstinence , not afraid to dare sortie is a big disadvantage . After treatment with " Essence colon " , she gained nearly 10kg , healthy , ruddy skin . But her husband did not have to worry now about his colon disease anymore . The experience of her husband Letter to treat colitis in " Essence colon " is to be patient enough and data processes, if conditions can maintain regular oral doses to healthy for the colon .